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<b>QuarkXPress | 588 MB</b>
QuarkXPress - is a powerful publishing system, with its intuitive interface and expanded set of tools for word processing, color management and graphic elements, and designing web-pages. QuarkXPress is widely used in books, newspaper and magazine publishing, advertising and marketing agencies, design firms and publishing houses.
In addition to tools for creating applications iPad-, QuarkXPress 9 offers export utility customers under the name of ePub, which allows you to make the final product in the form of e-books. Among other things, the utility ePub support such popular platforms for distribution and viewing of electronic publications, as iBooks, Kindle and Nook. For further assistance, e-book technology provides Reflow View, which controls the display of the correct layout on any device, where it is necessary to reformat the original layout. The package supports QuarkXPress 9 for the first time the utility Blio eReader eBook reading in the media, Windows, Android and iOS.
Among the new features in general-purpose package QuarkXPress 9 worth noting, for example, the cloning feature items, new markers of normal and numbered lists, as well as "conditional" styles that are automatically sverstyvayut page content according to a set of defined rules. New leader now allow you to automatically move the frame and a group of objects behind the text and layout feature allows you to quickly ImageGrid import or build a grid layout for graphics. A similar function for the purpose Linkster is designed to set or break ties for text frames and whole notes. Story Editor module allows you to handle future full text of the material in a text editor.
The new version of Quark Publishing System also will work professionals more productive by automating a number of labor-intensive tasks performed manually. The product boasts enhanced support of "styles", more sophisticated tools for working with lists, create callouts and other tasks. QuarkXPress 9 also simplify editing, the cloning of individual elements, the creation of networks to accommodate the image, as well as create copies of objects, or entire pages.
Inspired by the desire to design for perfection, QuarkXPress - 9 changes the work of design professionals. Striving to be better and constantly improve - this is the purpose package for typesetting and design, created to help you achieve your goals.
Feel the pleasure of design using the intuitive interface of QuarkXPress - 9. Staying focused on tasks, a powerful set of creative tools help you easily create what you do best - to realize his plan.
Launch QuarkXPress - 9 and feel confident in more than two decades of experience in the field of innovative software products for layout and design. As a result of continuous innovation, QuarkXPress gives you an intuitive interface, the ability to design across media, and precise control over typography to implement.
You - an expert, creating your own design. QuarkXPress - 8 introduces designer complete control over typography to create stunning text. Manage characters and advanced baseline grids along with Unicode - support and OpenType -, gives you the opportunity to achieve the desired effect.
Step Forward
QuarkXPress - 9 is an excellent tool for prepress, but for us as for you, now is not enough. Be bold! Use your existing knowledge and built-in authoring Web and Flash - tools, print content across media. No need to purchase additional packages or programming!
While everyone will enjoy the simplicity and advanced features QuarkXPress - 9, current QuarkXPress users will appreciate the familiar work space with elements such as menus, palettes and dialog boxes.
Now, designers can:
"To feel the freedom, using a new, intuitive interface of QuarkXPress 9.
"Use the built-in authoring Web and Flash - tools, print content across media.
"To create stunningly decorated texts, using the provided designer control over the typography.
"Work faster and more efficiently by importing Illustrator - files and support for Photoshop -; improved tools for working with images, illustrations and text, fully customizable control characters, advanced baseline grids, and other functions.
"To publish around the world, using dictionaries and hyphenation support for more than 30 languages, using a common file format, open and print a project created anywhere in the world in QuarkXPress 8, and set high quality layout and typography East Asia.
"The intuitive interface
"Built-in Web authoring and Flash tools
"Creating incredible sformlennyh texts through its control over typography
"Importing Adobe Illustrator files and support for Adobe Photoshop
"Improved tools for working with images, illustrations and text
"Fully customizable controls characters
"Advanced baseline grids
"The use of dictionaries and hyphenation
"Supporting over 30 languages
"And many other features
Title: QuarkXPress
Releases released: 2011
Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7
Language: Multilingual
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